(1) National Professional Standards Committee of the Catholic Church in Australia – August / October 2013

I was invited to visit Australia  for a number of weeks in 2013 to talk to a variety of Catholic Church audiences on the learning gained from introducing a standards based, independent review process for monitoring and assessing safeguarding practice in the Irish Catholic Church. Lectures and seminars were delivered at a number of venues throughout and across Australia. When there I was interviewed by Francis Sullivan, CEO, of the Truth, Justice, and Healing Council which is the body set up to interface with the Royal Commission. I have posted the video of that interview on my blog page.


(2) Oasis India – January 2014

From 15th January 2014 through to the 1st  February 2014 I was in India supporting the work undertaken with vulnerable children by staff and volunteers involved with Oasis India and a number of other N.G.O’s in the city of Bangalore.


(3) Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS)

I share many areas of interest with this voluntary organisation and have explored opportunities for collaboration and co-operation with them. I was invited to speak at their Conference in London in September 2014.


(4) The Catholic institute for Deaf People (CIDP)

CIDP engaged me to provide a variety of safeguarding services to them. Working mainly with the boarding residences, I have provided reflective supervision to the Care Managers, rewritten safeguarding policies, advised on revamping the organisational structure, undertook a comprehensive safeguarding review, and a number of other related tasks.


(5) Safeguarding advice and support to clergy accused of sexual offending:

I have provided advice and guidance to clergy who have been accused and assisted them in managing the circumstances that they find themselves in.


(6) Expert Witness Testimony:

I have a particular interest in abuse which has occurred within faith communities and have provided expert witness testimony to the High Court in London on proceedings brought there. This evidence was given in line with the Civil Procedures Rules, Part 35, issued by the Ministry of Justice in England and Wales.


(7) Solidatium Christainae Vitae

SCV is a Pontifical Society for Apostolic Life founded in Peru, with branches in Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Italy, and the United States of America. Over the course of this contract, I have undertaken a review of safeguarding concerns that emerged following a series of allegations that had been made against their founder, Luis Fernando Figari. This necessitated several visits across South America and to the Untied States. The primary focus of my work was the creation of a victim support programme, as well as contributing to the completion of a comprehensive review of past practice in the community. The publication of the Review Report took place in early February 2017.



(8) Church of England Safeguarding Review

I was asked to undertake a safeguarding review of allegations made by a survivor of clerical abuse within the Church of England. The Review was completed in March 2016 and published by the diocese and the national safeguarding team for the Church. It attracted considerable media attention as it highlighted significant failings in the safeguarding practices of the Church.



(9) The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in the process of establishing an international child protection team to ensure that it meets best practice standards in its work with young people across the one hundred and twenty eight countries in the world where it is present. I have provided assistance to the Army with  the recruitment process for the establishment of this important resource for them.