Ian Elliott Safeguarding

I am a highly qualified safeguarding consultant with a strong academic foundation and extensive experience working with renowned organizations and clients worldwide. My expertise spans serious case reviews, expert witness reports, and advisory services to create secure environments. From supporting trauma survivors to advising on safeguarding implementations, I offer comprehensive solutions that prioritize safety and well-being, all delivered effectively, including remotely.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master in Applied Social Studies
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
  • Certificate of Qualification in Advanced Social Work

Work Experience

  • Northern Health and Social Services Board
  • Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety
  • National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church
  • Ian Elliott Safeguarding Limited

Consultancy Contracts

Undertook a lecture tour of Australia to support the development of safeguarding services in the Catholic Church

Provided safeguarding advice and direction to the Schools for the Deaf in Dublin

Reviewed the safeguarding structure and past practices within Scouting Ireland

Chaired a committee set up to review and restructure safeguarding services in the Catholic Church in England and Wales

Undertook serious case reviews and provided recommendations on how services can be better structured

Commissioned to review the discovery of sexual abuse perpetrated by senior members of a Catholic religious body based in South America

Providing support to survivors of sexual abuse within faith communities and recommending how their healing journeys can be best facilitated

Expert witness reports provided to support Court proceedings in various jurisdictions


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Preparation of Expert Witness Reports for Court
Serious Case Reviews
Advice and guidance on the setting up of Safeguarding Services in an organisation
Assessing the impact of abuse both at an individual and organisation level
Supporting those who have been traumatised by the experience of abuse
Providing expert witness support to statutory inquiries based on my direct experience

For reference, specific examples of my work can be accessed through the web and are in the public domain. All these services can be effectively provided remotely from experience.


Email: ian@ianelliottsafeguarding.com

Mobile: 07809350371 (United Kingdom) / 0044 7809350371 (International)